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Post-infectious immune reprogramming and its association with persistence and chronicity of respiratory allergic diseases

PreDicta ended on March 31st 2016

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PreDicta Final Consortium Meeting took place  in Athens March 21st and 22nd 2016          


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Towards serological tests for the identification of RV strains causing asthma exacerbations

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PreDicta ended March 31st 2016.  You can read about the project results in the Final Publishable Summary.

Feel free also to browse the website (which will be live for another year)  to learn about PreDicta's consortium, the research or the articles published during the project

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Welcome to PreDicta’s project website -Infection and dysbiosis as the triggers of the development of inflammatory processes in allergies and autoimmune diseases-.

Chronic inflammatory diseases associated with allergy, including asthma and rhinitis, constitute a major and continuously growing public health concern for Europe. In some countries, one in three children suffers from these conditions, but what causes an inflammatory reaction to become chronic and trigger an allergic or autoimmune response is still unknown.

The PreDicta project is based on the observation that childhood asthma usually occurs after a viral respiratory tract infection. Thus, the central hypothesis of this programme is that repeated, acute infection-mediated events may reprogram the innate, adaptive and/or regulatory immune responses to predispose towards a chronic inflammation pattern.

To analyze the relationship between these infections with persistence of asthma, Predicta will employ the latest technologies of molecular biology, virology, and cytology.  The Consortium is privileged to include groups with an excellent track record in clinical research and cohort-based studies that have significantly contributed to the field of allergy and asthma research internationally.



PreDicta is funded by the European Commission within its FP7 specific programme Cooperation; contract no: 260895: Official starting date is 1. October 2010.