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Every popular game has a rumor around it that elevates into near urban legend, and perhaps due to an oversight or hanging plot thread it seems just plausible. It's not hard to believe them, since the games dating sims for guys ds have real secrets and glitches that are so bizarre that they sound made-up such as the Sailor Moon and Star Wars parodies you can unlock in Silent Hill 3or the fact that Iggy Koopa's fireballs in Super Mario World will turn into glitchy blobs if you slide into them. Yet no matter how much evidence is eventually against it, the rumor just won't die. A common source of these is April Fool's issues of popular gaming magazines. After all, if it's in print, it must be true! Other sources include mistranslated lines, aspects of the game being Dummied Outand Missing Secrets. Sometimes, the game's creators will include a character or a feature in the sequel because of these rumors. For instance, when a cameo appearance of Cut Man in Mega Man 7 led to a rumor that he was in the game as a secret boss, Capcom added him as a secret boss in the Saturn port of 8 he also appears as a secret boss in Mega Man X 8probably an in-joke reference to this.

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The main character and her boyfriend share their First Kiss onscreen and, from then on, we are treated to a pile of onscreen mushy goodness if we're lucky. The main character's best friend and the boy that was after her get together amidst cheers and blushing. But wait, weren't they hinting at another couple? Oh, the Schoolgirl Lesbians? Forget ever giving them a resolution — at least onscreen. Heck, the plot won't even say that there is a relationship, so that technically, anyone arguing that there isn't one is not wrong. They may live together, they may never get with someone else, they may sleep in the same bed; but they will not say that they are a couple "that way". A "residue" of that is the rather odd tendency of some mangas and animes to insistently call two girls "friends" even when they are explicitly and unambiguously dating sims for guys ds couple. Canon homosexuality, except in the genres that dating sims for guys ds on it specificallyis rare and sometimes restricted to subtext — no outward shows of affection onscreen except for that which could be interpreted as just friends if you squint hard enough. It's called " the love that dare not speak its name " for a reason.

dating sims for guys ds

dating sims for guys ds
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