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Post-infectious immune reprogramming and its association with persistence and chronicity of respiratory allergic diseases

PreDicta ended on March 31st 2016

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Towards serological tests for the identification of RV strains causing asthma exacerbations

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National Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA)

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is the oldest state institution of higher education in Greece and among the largest universities in the European Union. The Allergy Department, located in the “P&A Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital is a national referral center for pediatric allergy and asthma. It is a Specialty Training Center for Allergy & Clinical Immunology.
Principal Investigator: Nikolaos G Papadopoulos

Imperial College London (IMPERIAL)
The National Heart & Lung Institute (NHLI) is the premier research institute in lung research in the UK and is part of Imperial College London, ranked 4th University in the World for BioMedical Research. The Department of Respiratory Medicine, St Mary’s Campus, is the premier Department for Respiratory Infection Research in the UK and one of the most successful in Europe.
Principal Investigator: Sebastian L Johnston

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Medical University of Vienna (MUW)
MUW is the largest Medical University in Austria. Research in the fields of allergy, immunology and infectious diseases represents a major research focus of the MUW. At present MUW harbours the largest academic Allergy research programme in Austria. Researchers of the MUW have been pioneering the field of allergen characterization, the development of recombinant allergens for allergy diagnosis and therapy during the last 20 years.
Principal Investigator: Rudolf Valenta

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Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research (SFI-SIAF)
The SFI Foundation includes the Swiss Institute for Allergy and Asthma Research (SIAF) whose research activities are focused on the immune-pathological mechanisms of allergic, asthmatic and cutaneous inflammations and the structural basis of allergens, as well as development of novel tools for the diagnosis and treatment of allergic disease.
Principal Investigator: Mübeccel Akdis

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Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens (BRFAA)
BRFAA is the largest biomedical research institution of Greece with 5 Research Centers and 47 faculty members coming from leading US and Europe Institutions. It accommodates state-of-the-art facilities and supports basic science and clinical research through its research programs in immunology, gene expression, cell biology, respiratory diseases, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, cancer and Pharmacology/Pharmacotechnology.
Principal Investigators: Evangelos Andreakos, Constantinos Tamvakopoulos, Dimitris Thanos

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Medical University of Lodz (LODZ)
The Medical University of Lodz covers all areas of medicine with its own six teaching hospitals and numerous clinical departments. LODZ researchers conduct extensive basic and clinical research, documented by publications in highly impacted journals
Principal Investigator: Marek L Kowalski

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University of Ghent, Upper Airway Research Laboratory (UGENT)
UGent is one of the major universities in the Dutch-speaking region of Europe. Its Upper Airway Research Laboratory became an institution for structured scientific research in the field of immunology of the nose and paranasal sinuses with a continuously growing group of researchers working on complementary subjects within the field of mucosal immunology.
Principal Investigator: Claus Bachert

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Philipps University of Marburg (UNIMAR)
The Philipps-University of Marburg has been a place of research and teaching for nearly five centuries. Within the Medical Faculty, the main research interest of the allergy-research laboratory is to study mechanisms of initiation, maintenance and chronification of allergic inflammation with special emphasis on the lung.
Principal Investigator: Harald Renz

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University of Turku (U.TURKU)
The University of Turku is an internationally acknowledged, multidisciplinary scientific university. Its Department of Virology is an accredited testing laboratory with a special research focus on respiratory virus infections including rhinovirus.
Principal Investigator: Tytti Vuorinen

The University Clinic of Erlangen is a large university hospital with major interests in the field of inflammation, cancer and infectious diseases. The Department of Molecular Pulmonology includes all facilities necessary to conduct top level science, with a major research focus on lung diseases.
Principal Investigator: Susetta Finotto

BIOMAY is a Viennese SME focused on the development and commercialization of innovative approaches to allergy treatment using recombinant technologies. The key goal is to eliminate the drawbacks of conventional allergy treatment with natural extracts. BIOMAY aims at efficient treatment, combined with an improved safety profile. The ultimate target is to develop technologies suitable for prophylactic allergy vaccination.
Principal Investigator: Frank Stolz

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Founded in 2001, Inserm-Transfert SA is the private subsidiary of the French Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM), dedicated to Technology Transfer and management of European and International collaborative research projects. The company possesses extensive expertise in two core areas: i) Intellectual Property management, Technology Transfer and exploitation of research results; ii) specific tools and gold standard methods for supporting scientists in their international project preparation and management.
Principal Investigator: Dahlia Fasquel

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Hospital District of Southwest Finland (Turku UH)
The Hospital District of Southwest Finland is a municipal federation consisting of 29 cities and municipalities, as well as the University of Turku.
Principal Investigator: Tuomas Jartti